It’s only a game

Is Instagram a trap, parallel world or just a tool?

The cycle of illustrations “It’s only a game” is the result of my few months observation and a growing fascination of photographs which may be viewed on the Internet. I also use Instagram. I treat it as a platform to publish my works. However, when collecting information I started asking myself ‘Do I also belong to this world or am I next to it?’ Illustrations from the series are my attempt to answer the question what can be found outside of carefully selected, and often arranged, frame. I drew my own version of the story.  The illustrations that have been created depict different stories. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, moving, ugly or simply ordinary. I try to look at my characters with a grain of salt but at the same time with an understanding. After all, it’s also a story about me.


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Technique of work

The square frame is made of Hama beads, a popular puzzle for children. The material was supposed to be associated with a pixel

and a smartphone screen. The low resolution effect suggests that the selected frame is computer, not true.

In contrast, imaginary stories that are out of the frame are painted with a thin black line.

I prepared invitations to the opening of the exhibition with the “#selfie” illustration on it and went to the city looking for

the „perfect match”. I put together a selected frame and friends whom I wanted to give an invitation to. The pictures show

people in various everyday situations, at work, at home, on the street.

As a result there are photographs / images with their own stories.


Exhibition poster

Few pictures from the vernissage in the Zacnie Gallery in Poznań. At the opening of the exhibition I prepared

an additional pixel square for the public. People who wanted, could draw stories they invented outside the frame

and create a common picture.