Pearl Street

I was invited to be a part of a group exhibition titled „Video games, all day long”.
The exhibition concept was to let artists be inspired by electronic entertainment,
in a very wide spectrum.

My picture is an allegory of contemporary reality. The main character moves in the real everyday world, but as in a game, he comes up against various adversities. He is rewarded for every successful action and also awards prizes to the characters he meets. He give likes, collects points and destroys enemies. The project touches upon the subject of happiness, which becomes a moving target that is difficult to grasp, for today we live in a world where everything needs to be right now. This is why each and every day sees us chasing a better version of ourselves: we strive to be even more creative, liked and popular. We are also in constant motion, making it difficult to stop and forge honest, genuine relationships. Accompanied by the constant beeps of notifications from our devices, our heads are cluttered with a mass of unnecessary information and stimuli. These bring chaos, and obscure what is really most important – ourselves and our real needs.

Technique: Hama Beads
Size: 160×80 cm
The exhibition is open from 9.02.2019 until 29.03.2019.
At Centrum Praskie Koneser